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Another question... or two!

I am so appreciative of the help I've received thus far as I work on preparing for my journey to Scotland! My loans are being processed, so hopefully I will hear positive news back about that. I also have made my bid for university accommodations (right next to the castle!) and hopefully things will continue to progress smoothly. I'm getting excited... and really, really scared.

I have a couple of practical questions that someone will hopefully be able to answer. I want to make sure that I work out the details.

1) First off, I have a lot of technological devices and whatnot and I am not sure what converters work and what I should stay away from. I've looked at a few different things, but some of them say they are only for things like blow dryers while others don't seem to explain what they can and cannot be used for. The last thing I need is to plug my computer in and zap it when I get there! Do any of you have any good (or bad) experiences with any particular devices or ways that you've gotten around this issue?

2) Also, cell phones. Did you bring one and get an international plan, go without one, or sign up for one when you arrived? I would particularly like to know about the experiences of people who attended or are attending school. I am only going to be in Scotland for a year so I am not looking for something too long term, but I am also interested in being prudent with funds as this whole venture is very costly. I would absolutely love to have a phone for contact with stateside friends and family, but I don't know what is the best way to go about it.

Thanks again for all your help!
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