Just Jill (ioevri1) wrote in americanintheuk,
Just Jill

Trying to do my ILR!

I am extremely annoyed. I am going to head to the bank this afternoon and try and sort out how I can find out what my mortgage payment is. By my bank statements, something dodgy has been going on since April or so and I havent noticed. Oops.

I am also going to stop by the attorneys and see if I can get a word with someone that explain what I am just not getting on some of the verbage. I started this process in the spring. I am down to the last wire with my current Visa expiring in early November. I just needed to vent.

Hubby is no help when it comes to paperwork at all. :( It is all on me to sort out. He waits for me to tell him what is needing done.

On a side note and completely unrelated, can anyone recommend a nice moisturizer for sensitive skin? No Perfumes, etc. Think so dry/red right now it borderss eczema. It isnt, just my rosacia flaring up from all the wind. :(
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