Ewigweibliche (ewigweibliche) wrote in americanintheuk,

Questions regarding visas and laptops

On Sunday I am moving to Wales for three years with my husband and son. At least, that's how long our visas are good for. I'll be a PhD student at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

1. The visas say "no recourse to public funds." I know the Home Office doesn't want us becoming a burden on the country. I get that. But one of the reasons we are so happy to move to Lampeter is that there is a day care there which I was told was free to students. The fine print at the center says that 85% is covered by the local education authority and the uni covers the remaining 15% of fees. Does this mean we are ineligible for the 85%? Any ideas? Does this also mean we do not get health care?

2. I have a Macbook. If I take a converter to use whenever I plug it in, will my laptop be ok? What have other people done for their computers?

Thanks everyone. Anyone here at Lampeter?
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