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I may as well be applying for a flying pony...

So I got my loans to go to U of Edinburgh. Yay! I'm slowly acquiring awesome accoutrements such as brilliant rainboots and a nice camera and luggage.

And now I have to get my visa application in. I did my due diligence and studied up on what I'm supposed to do, filled out Appendix 8 with all the correct info and acquired all the different paperwork needed (though apparently, I don't need it anymore due to new updates in the process for "low risk nationalities" but oh well).

And then there's this whole biometrics thing. It seems like it should be simple, but I'm hopelessly confused. I figured out that I could go to a police station to get it done, but they say I need a special form provided by whatever company/school is requiring the biometrics (which I don't know where to find and have never heard of before to begin with) and then I keep seeing websites saying I need to go submit these biometrics at some office somewhere and get a receipt? Could they make it more complicated?

And finally, I really am not certain on the order of things in the application. Do I do the online application first and then send in the hard copy? Where do the biometrics fit in? Do I have to wait for a response from one part before sending in the other?


I'm fairly sure that it would be easier to acquire a flying pony than to get this dratted visa.
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