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Any and all guidance...

Okay, here it goes. I have just plundered LJ for all it's worth on communities and I hope this one can offer me wisdom, guidance, a little sanity (or helpful insanity - I'll take that, at this point!)

I was accepted last year to a postgraduate program in Celtic Studies at the University of Edinburgh. They accepted me so late and a few complications cropped up so I deferred my acceptance until this coming fall when I have time to breathe, plan, and figure my life out.

However, I am utterly, completely, and totally clueless. I know nothing. About anything. Right now, I have a few major concerns, but I'm sure more will crop up as time goes on:

1) I'm trying to sort out the loan process. How do money/loans work when you are overseas? Any do's and don't's? I am still in the application process and just hoping that there is no reason that the magical money fairy cannot trade me $40000 for my soul and firstborn. Fortunately, I have an online job that I can take with me, which will be very helpful...

2) Where do I look to find a decent, safe place to live? Are there good websites that anyone knows of to look for flats? I have looked around a bit, but I'm very nervous about looking for off campus living quarters as I have no way to see them beforehand or figure out what's a good deal, what's a good location, and whether or not my flatmates are psycho-killers before I get there. Do any of you have good tips on finding a decent flat before heading over?

3) What is absolutely, utterly essential to bring with me, what should I buy when I get there, what can I live without, what will I not be able to find that I, as a sad little American, will not be able to live without?

I feel very alone figuring this out and any advice from ye wise, experienced ones would be most welcome! =)
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