shoreview3 (shoreview3) wrote in americanintheuk,

Post-Study Visa application

I'm applying for my post-study visa for the third (yes third) time. This is my last chance, and this time I am applying from the USA instead of the UK.

Unfortunately, the first time I applied (while in the UK) I used outdated paperwork, so the visa was denied. By the time I received the notice, my student visa had expired, and while I was still legal during the time that the application was in the post, once it was received...well you get the idea.

So, what do I do? I apply again within 2 weeks of receiving the denial, assuming that again I will be covered while the application is in the post. Come to find out, this was a mistake, as I've recently discovered I had no legal right to apply again in the UK under these circumstances.

My question is, has anyone gone through similar circumstances and what was the outcome? I'm really concerned my second application will affect my new application...any thoughts? Thanks
in advance!

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