Blue Rose (bluerose_buka) wrote in americanintheuk,
Blue Rose

Plug converters!

Crazy American traveling to Ireland this Thursday! I have an HP laptop, a Treo phone charger, and an iPod charger. I consider these to be the bare necessity of travel, beyond even that of toilettries and clothing.

I've heard laptops are typically ok if you check the plug to be sure it can handle the dual wattage, but what about the other items? Will I need a transformer? If so where can I find one?

Oh holy hell. Gods, little travel fairies and this forum please help me! O_O
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When my daughter came to visit me here in the UK, I had to buy a Desktop Voltage Converter, because a simple plug converter wouldn't work despite her power supply (she has a Toshiba Satellite) being dual voltage. But you needn't buy and expensive one. I picked up a cheap one for £15 at Maplins. You just need to make sure the power use of the laptop wouldn't be over what the converter you purchase is rated. I don't know if Ireland has Maplins (like a Radio Shack) but I'm sure they have similar. The one I bought says on the box:

Desktop Voltage Converter
100 W 200-240VAC-->100-120VAC
This voltage converter is designed for use by those who are using 100-120V appliances in countries which provide 200-240 mains voltage.

Mains are what they call the electric sockets here...don't mean to be condescending but I didn't know that when I came here :)
Hope this helps.
Oh and the bonus was that she was able to plug in her hair straighteners as well :)


September 13 2009, 20:39:20 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  September 13 2009, 20:40:18 UTC

you don't necessarily need a voltage converter, you just need a plug converter. my laptop goes everywhere with me and it spent all of last summer living in England and i had no problems at all. It also lived in Germany the summer before that, and with the right plug, it all works, too. just check the voltage output on the powerpack, it'll tell you what the limits are.

Hair dryers, straighteners, and ipods all work, too. just buy the right plug (Radio Shack sells them in a package) and you'll be good to go. oh, and if you need to have two things plugged in at once, just take the usb plug for your ipod and charge it through your computer- easier and it frees up the wall charger for your phone.
Would I be able to buy a power strip, plug that into the plug converter, and just use multiple appliances from there?
i thought about that... and honestly, i don't know. what i did was bought two US->UK plugs and plugged *those* into a power strip, but i don't know about using a US power strip... could try it and report back, i guess?
Sure! I don't see why it wouldn't work provided it met the 120-240v 50-60hz req...